Develop e-commerce and take care of online brand identity


Develop the e-commerce design and implement a web marketing strategy

Main Activities

Web Design, Web Marketing


An E-commerce of Style and Sustainability

The meticulous care and management of the e-commerce dedicated to MOA CONCEPT sneakers pushed us to explore a design approach in harmony with the distinctive identity of the brand. Our goal was to create a design that not only aesthetically reflected the brand, but also served as an effective vehicle to eloquently communicate its uniqueness and philosophy.

An integral part of our commitment was the active involvement in the online communication strategy of the innovative project called "My Own Action" promoted by MOA CONCEPT. This innovative initiative aims to introduce an eco-sustainable dimension to the sneakers sector, proposing the recycling of used footwear. The goal is to help reduce the environmental impact associated with the consumption of sports footwear and adopt more responsible commercial practices.

Our collaboration was not limited to creating an online environment for selling sneakers; we have actively embraced the vision of MOA CONCEPT, incorporating the key elements of the “My Own Action” project into digital communication. Through targeted strategies, we have highlighted the sustainability of the recycling process, emphasizing the positive impact that every consumer can have on waste reduction through the purchase and recycling of their sneakers.

In summary, our participation goes beyond the simple management of an e-commerce; extends to embody MOA CONCEPT's sustainable values and goals, tangibly positioning them in the digital context.